Scop of Works

Tubular Inspection

Keen offers a comprehensive tubular inspection service, covering all new and used items, including, Drill pipe, tubing, casing, sucker rods, coiled tubing, drill collars, bottom hole assembly, cross over subs, pup joints, reamers etc... A typical inspection program involves one or more of the following

  • Visual inspection of body & threads.
  • Thread cleaning & dope application.
  • UT wall thickness.
  • Measurements & dimensional inspection.
  • MPI to identify cracks & other defects.
  • Hardness testing.
  • MPI, Tool joint inspections.
  • VT & dimensional.
  • Drifting assessment.
  • Traceability.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI).
  • Internal inspection of upsets.